Yellow Crowned or Yellow Fronted Amazon

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Yellow Crowned Amazon is generally green with a bright yellow cap or stripe on their forehead. They have a yellowish-green underbelly and a bright red on the inside edge of its wing.  The tail is yellow-green underneath with a red spot at the base of each feather.  The eyes of the Yellow Crowned Amazon are orange surrounded by an unfeathered white ring of skin.  Their beak is light gray. Juveniles are known to be slightly paler in color without the red coloring.

This particular species is generally well behaved and considered to be kid-friendly. They are a great addition to any household.  Although there are sub-species of Amazons who are more talkative than others, you can be sure that the Yellow Crowned Amazon will talk and they learn to speak anywhere from three months+ and the frequency with which they pick up new words and sounds is very unique. They mimic sounds and develop close-knit bonds with their owners. 

As for their diet, it is recommended they be weaned to a pellet-based diet supplemented with daily fruits and vegetables. They are prone to obesity and it is advised to limit nuts and seeds and serve them only as treats and rewards during training sessions.

14 inches in size and have a lifespan of 50+ years.