White Capped Pionus

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White Capped Pionus are known to be feisty and comical, yet sweet and affectionate little birds. They are extremely intelligent and take well to training when their owners are patient and consistent. Like other Pionus parrots, they have a reputation for being slightly more quiet than other parrots.  They do have the ability to talk, but often clam up around those they aren't familiar with. Around their owners, however, they aren't shy at all.

Mature adult White Capped Pionus are mostly green and dark blue, with these colors covering the majority of the heads, throats, chests, bellies, and backs. There are yellow-green patches on their shoulders, white patches on their foreheads (which give them their name,) and as with all Pionus, red feathers on the underside of the tails.

Lifespan~ 30+ years