Red Sided Eclectus

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$ 2,400.00 

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Female red-sided Eclectus are mostly red and have purple-blue chest feathers. Males are shades of green with some blue and yellow coloration, depending on the species. Mature female red-sided Eclectus parrots have an all-black beak while males have red, yellow and orange beaks.  Female red-sided Eclectus parrots have heavier, more rounded bodies while males are slimmer.

While red-sided Eclectus parrots are content with entertaining themselves, they need human interaction on a regular basis as well.  The red-sided Eclectus often enjoys asserting its personality.   Expect a curious and intelligent pet bird that needs stimulating toys and lots of socialization. Because the red-sided Eclectus parrots are known to form a strong bond with their owners, they are often considered sweet and affectionate pet birds.

Eclectus parrots are susceptible to feather picking, respiratory infections and excessive chewing. They need higher vitamin-A than other parrots. Vitamin-A-enriched foods include carrots, squash, broccoli, kale, fresh sprouts and cooked sweet potatoes. Cases of feather picking in this pet bird are often caused by malnutrition and vitamin-A deficiency.

Provide Eclectus parrots with toys made of softer wood because their beaks are not as powerful as those of other parrots.

Lifespan~ up to 40 years