Red Fronted Macaw

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The Red-fronted Macaw Ara rubrogenys, also called the Red-cheeked Macaw and Lafresnaye's Macaw, is a pretty little parrot and is very friendly and one of the hardiest of the Macaw species.  It could almost be classed as a mini Macaw as it only reaches 24" in total length.  The Red-fronted Macaw is mostly a green parrot, but with some spectacular red accents up front. The forehead, crown, and a patch just behind the eye are a bright red, as well as the bend of the wing. Thus its common names Red-fronted and Red-cheeked Macaw. There are also some bluish hues framing its wings and on the tip of its tail.

As a pet the Red-fronted Macaw is very docile and affectionate, but also quite intelligent and inquisitive. Chewing and climbing are favorite activities as well as exploring its surroundings.

Life span~ 25-50+ years