Nectargold Complete 14 lbs.

GoldenFeast Gourmet Pet Food

$ 89.97 

A Complete Nutrition Formula

Feed separately or serve with one of the many other Goldenfeast formulas such as Nutmeats and Fruit, South American Preservation Blend I, Central American Preservation Blend II, or Hookbill Legume Blend. Nectargold Complete can be blended with natural fruit juice such as blueberry or grape. No artificial dyes or preservatives. No synthetic vitamins.

Ground to a fine consistency, the Goldenfeast Nectargold Formula for Lories and Lorikeets.

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein (min.) 14%; crude fat (min.) 8%; crude fiber (max.) 5%; moisture (max.) 5%; ash (max.) 4%
Mineral Analysis: sulfur- 0.13%; phosphorus- 0.26%; potassium- 0.53%; magnesium- 0.09%; calcium- 0.17%; sodium- 0.13%; iron- 129ppm; manganese- 9ppm; copper- 4ppm; zinc- 25ppm
Refrigerate after opening to retain freshness.