Military Macaw

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Military Macaws are mainly green, with brilliant blue edging on their wings and a large/bright red patch on their foreheads.  They have bold, black beaks, dark grayish legs and feet and their iris' are yellow. Their eyes are framed by the classic bare macaw facial patches, which is a white bare facial area barred with narrow black lines. The flight feathers are blue and the red tail bordered with blue.

This is a favorite Macaw to keep as a pet because of its social and affectionate demeanor.  Being a very intelligent, the Military Macaw is readily trainable making it an excellent show bird and is often used as an entertainer and to educate people about birds.

Like most macaws, military macaws will be even tempered although sometimes they may be difficult and cranky. With proper training they are a very tame and friendly companion parrot. They are very social/playful and inquisitive birds that enjoy human interaction. Though they can be a noisy bird, they are very intelligent and have the ability to mimic human speech. They are considered to be a good choice for a show bird. Like all Macaws, when they get excited their face turns a pinkish reddish color similar in appearance to "blushing."

As with all Macaws, the Military requires a diet that is higher in fat than most birds.  In addition to pellets, they require fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a small amount of nuts.


Life span ~ 50 to 70 yrs

Wing span ~ over 40 inches