Mealy Amazon

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The Mealy Amazon Parrot (Amazona farinosa) is one of the largest of the Amazon species.  The Mealy Parrots are social and can usually be found in pairs or in large flocks. They are even known to interact with other parrots, such as macaws. They are usually quiet, but can get loud at dusk and dawn.  Though less colorful than related parrot species, Mealy Parrots have a patch of blue, purple, or violet on the top of their heads. Along with the purple or blue crown, Mealy Parrot sometimes have patches of yellow on the head and usually have a green or mostly green body, with tail feathers being light green or lime at the tip. Some Mealy Parrots have a light blue/teal sheen to their green coat, and an undercoat of yellow, blue, purple, red, and/or teal. The beaks are usually yellowish. The eyes are a reddish-orange color, and underneath the eyes are usually white unfeathered rings.

Mealy Amazons are considered the "gentle giants" of the Amazon parrots and are not a naturally aggressive species. They also generally have a docile temperament and tend to get along well with other birds.

Size - Average 15-17 inches (38-41 cm) in length, including the tail and typically weigh between 540 to 700 g (19.01-24.64 ounces). Some Mealy parrots, however, are much larger than this.