Lixit Glass Water Bottle Recycle Kit


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Lixit kit for using Snapple-type glass bottles (7/16" tube)


* Water stays fresh, clean and sanitary in the Lixit Water Bottles.
* Easy to install
* Quick-release bottle holder
• One-piece tube cap with ultra vacuum seal.
* US stainless steel Ball-Point™ tube and mounting hardware
* Non-Toxic, USDA approved, medium tube rubber stopper & holder
* All components can be sterilized
* No springs for your parrot to get trapped in!

The kit comes with no glass bottle. Instead, you supply your own, recycled, Snapple bottle (or other 16-oz glass beverage bottle). A great alternative to pricey water bottle kits. Help save the environment and save money!  Best for medium birds such as Cockatiels, Pionus, Amazons, etc...

* Fits any large mouth drink Bottle: Snapple, Lipton Iced Tea, Dole Juice drinks, ect.