Jardine's Parrot

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Jardine's parrots, also known as Red-fronted parrots, are one of the largest and most beautiful of Poicephalus (African) species. 

The Jardine's is a medium-sized mainly green parrot with feathers edged in black.  They have a bright orange/red patch on top of their head, on the bend of their wings and on the legs.  The lower beak is dark grey and the upper beak is horn-colored with a dark grey tip.  Iris's are red-orange with a white/grey patch around the eyes.  The orange on the forehead, bend of the wings & thighs will start to appear after one year of age.

As for personality, each is unique, like all animals.  Some are bold and bossy, some are quite talkative, most are shy and gentle, while others are more cuddly.  Jardine's are known for their playful, energetic, very steady/calm and comical personality.  They love to hop/swing/play dead as well as love your attention, although they don't demand it like cockatoos.

Life span ~ 20 to 30 yrs although some have lived to 50+

Jardine's measure about 10 - 12 inches in length (including their short, squarish tail) and weigh about 200-300 grams depending on sub-species.