Indian Ringneck Parakeets

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Indian Ring Necks are intelligent and make great companion parrots. They learn concepts quickly and love to show off. Along with being intelligent they, are great at talkers, that can speak with clarity that is phenomenal. These birds are truly masters at talking, for their size, and can easily compete with Quakers, greys, and amazons in this area.

They have a hooked beak, a long tail, and are smaller in size compared to most parrots. IRN's are about 15 inches in length from head to tip of their tail and they have a stealthy appearance that sets them apart from most exotic birds.  Mature males have dark rings around their throats and necks.  IRN's have a "candy corn" colored beak while an African ringneck has a darker beak.

A hand fed/hand raised IRN that has been properly socialized can be a devoted and wonderful companion, however, Ringnecks do not tolerate extended periods of neglect. They need to be out of the cage, talked to and played with on a daily basis to maintain the bond with their human companion or else they may become nippy and unfriendly.

Lifespan~ 15-25+ years

Prices vary starting at $375.00 -1200.00 (call 248.328.6300 for pricing).