Hawk Headed Parrot

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The Hawk-headed Parrot is known for its striking elongated neck feathers that can be raised to form an elaborate fan, thus greatly increasing the bird's apparent size.  Hawk heads are incredibly playful – sometimes moody – mid-sized parrots that require an attentive owner.  When a Hawk-head is excited or angry, the ruff is raised in a fringe that surrounds the back of the head. They are the only psittacines other than cockatoos that have a crest that they can control. 

Both the male and the female have a white fore crown and a brown throat with white streaks. The base of their neck is red edged with blue. The hawk-heads breast and belly are red and edged with electric blue. Their back, wings and tail are green. The underside of their tale is black. Some of the adults have a red spot under the base of their tail, and it is not related to gender.  As juveniles, they have brown eyes and a lighter color beak. The adults have yellow eyes, a gray-black beak and gray legs.

Hand-fed hawk-headed parrots are outgoing, playful, active, mischievous, excitable and occasionally high strung.  They can be compared to the conure, which are similarly outgoing and playful, or to the amazons, but less "bity" and temperamental. Hawk-headed parrots make excellent pets.

They are medium in size, about 14 inches, noise level is moderate and their life expectancy is about 35+ years.