Curl Crested Aracari Toucanet

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The Curl-crested Aracari is a beautifully colored, glossy-feathered bird with curled feathers on its head which have the look and feel of plastic. Its whitish/yellow facial feathers have black tips and the bare skin around the eyes is light blue. They are one of only, of the three, toucan species with red feathers on the nape and shoulders, and are the most colorful of small toucan species.

Curl-crested aracaris are beautiful and peaceful birds. Unlike some toucan species that cannot be kept with smaller size birds, the curl-crested aracari can be kept in a mixed species aviary. Curl Crested Aracari’s make fabulous pets and crave your attention. They love to be held and cuddled. When hand-fed, they bond closely to their human companions and they enjoy being a part of the family. They can even be potty trained and can learn to perform tricks.  A potty trained Aracari will fly back to its cage to do its business and flying back to you to play some more.

They measure about 40–45 cm (16–18 in) long and weigh 190–280 g (6.7–9.9 oz).