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Bonaire's Lora, the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (Amazona barbadensis) is an endangered species (globally and locally) found only on the island of Bonaire and a few other places.  Only 800 Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots are left on Bonaire.  These babies come from a pair from the Island of Bonaire and have more yellow on their head, legs & tail than other yellow shouldered Amazons.

A typically vibrant parrot, the yellow-shouldered parrot has brilliant green plumage.  Bonaire is a green parrot with a yellow forehead and shoulders, and with yellow, green, red, and blue feathers under the wings. The bare eye-ring is white. The thighs and the bend of the wing ("shoulder") are yellow, but both can be difficult to see. The throat, cheeks and belly often have a bluish tinge. 

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Almost 14 inches in length and lifespan is generally 40-80 years, although little is known about lifespan in captivity and varies considerably according to species of Amazons.