Green Parrot Superstore

$ 24.99 

Please call 248.328.6300 for information on arrival or add your name to our Animal Waiting List above.

Axolotls make great pets due to their ease of care and low costs.  There are 5 basic colors of Axolotls; Wild, Leucistic (pink), White Albino, Golden, and Melanoid. These 5 are the most common colors but there are many more combinations of colors that Axolotls come in. The color of Axolotls is based on the pigment of skin, so choosing a color is mostly up to personal preference.

The GFP is a mutation in the Axolotls DNA that allows them to glow bright green under a UV or Black Light and we do carry Axolotls with this gene as well.

**Call to find out what we have available & for pricing of different colors** Axolotl’s cost between $25 and $70, with lower prices being for juveniles.