Hello, Suzanne:
Attached please see our family picture with adorable Thor.  Thank you for all that you done for us, as we experience first time to being the owner of beautiful bird macaw.  The experience was very smooth and pleasant.  I will defiantly recommend you for any of our friends who is looking for lifetime companion bird.  Even the avian veterinary mentioned to us that Thor came from very reputable breeder.  Thank you again.  God bless you!  
Svetlana Kerr & Family
Thanks for the great experience in purchasing Zeke.  The ride home was fine; he didn't say a word until I got to Lansing.  I posted a review on Yelp; I hope it got posted okay.  My wife took to him right away and started to make little video to post.  I'm sure there will be a lot more coming.  His eyelids are shut and sleeping now; mine should be too.  You have a wonderful family. 
Peace and blessings,
Jack Jessie

"When I finally decided to get an African Grey, Susan and her family provided a unique experience.
I was able to visit and interact with her as a baby and when it was time for her to come home she
proved well adjusted to life with people and even other animals. The hands on experience I received
from her also boosted my confidence and helped me in caring for a very young bird.
Thank you Susan!"

My Blue Headed Pionus is as sweet as she was when I received her. She is quiet and very social.
When she is walking around I do have to keep doors closed and keep an eye on her traveling through
the house and patio. She can get into small places. This bird loves a shower. Fresh nuts, veggies
and dehydrated fruits along with a healthy pellet diet satisfies her complete diet. Cuttle bones
will save any bird from ungroomed beak problems. Peaceful bird home equals peaceful bird. But
isn't this true for everyone:)