Green Parrot Superstore is committed to the proper raising, nurturing, social development and proper, ongoing care of all the exotic animals we carry/raise.


We are able to provide customers with the highest quality Companion animals at a superb value, offering superior service and support, providing tailored educational and nurturing guidance training programs, delivering specialty products and services made easy to buy and use.

                                                  MISSION STATEMENT

The purpose of the Green Parrot Superstore shall be:
• To ensure that exotic birds are raised in an environment that provides proper care, weaning, socialization and training.
• To educate our customers on the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining any animals we raise and sell.
• To provide initial and ongoing educational training to all individuals that wish to purchase an animal from us.
• To reduce the need of rescue by educating our customers and providing continuing support to our customers for the life they own their animal.