White-Fronted or Spectacled Amazon

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The White-fronted Amazon (also known as the Spectacled Amazon) is the smallest of the Amazon parrots, although, it is totally unconscious of its small size.

This species is named for the bright white patch of feathers which is seen on their foreheads. They have green plumage throughout, red coloring around their eyes (in some individuals almost like a mask) and blue coloring on their outspread wings and behind the patch of white on their foreheads. The beak is light yellow and their feet are light grey / brown-gray.

Males and females can be distinguished by appearance; males have bright red feathers on their shoulders, while females have green shoulders. 

Juveniles have pale grey irises and less red on their face and the white area is replaced with a smaller yellowish area. They also have less red on the head and none on the wing edge, the forehead is yellowish, their eyes are a dark gray/brown.

The Spectacled Amazon is a favorite pet bird for its attractive plumage, playfulness, and excellent talking ability. This bird will delight and entertain you with its very large & bold personality.

As with most birds, they are also very social animals and are very amusing with their adventuresome antics.  They are very agile and avid about chewing, so need lots of toys and places to climb.  These Amazons make a good pet for adults and children alike and will form very strong bonds with their owners.

Size ~ About 10 inches (26 cm) long

Lifespan ~ About 40 to 50 yrs