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Parrotlets are affectionately known as "pocket parrots," are charming, miniature-sized, true parrots.  Parrotlets are the quietest of most birds.  They cannot scream and do not squawk. They chirp and can, at times, have loud chirps, but even canaries are louder. They are much quieter than even parakeets and cockatiels.  A Parrotlet would make the perfect companion for someone who lives in an apartment or who doesn't care for loud noise and a single Parrotlet makes the best pet. 

As far as talking goes, males have been known to talk more than females. Some learn to say a few words, and others learn to say many words and phrases.  Some have a vocabulary of more than 100 words!  The best talking parrotlets have owners that talk to them regularly rather than a few minutes each day. 

Life span~ is believed to be around 15 to 20 years, although, no one knows for sure;)