Moustached Parakeet

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Moustache parakeets are also called moustached parakeets, mustache parakeets, and mustached parakeets. The bird's scientific name is Psittacula alexandri.  They are a medium-sized parrot, averaging 13 - 16 inches in length (33 - 40 cm) and weighing it at 100 to 130 grams at maturity. Their most distinguishing feature is the moustache-like markings on the sides of its face, resembling a moustache. In most subspecies of Moustached Parakeets, the males have red beaks and the females have black.

The Mustached Parakeet is a very intelligent and outgoing bird that is gaining increasing popularity worldwide. These parrots are outgoing and playful, and do well if properly socialized. They can be a bit bossy and aggressive, if not disciplined appropriately, but they can still make good first birds. The Mustached Parakeet is related to the Ringneck Parakeets, and like them, they can often talk and they are reported to speak with more clarity than the Indian Ringnecks.