Green Wing Macaw

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If you want an affectionate bird, then the Green Wing Macaw might be the bird for you. In fact, these macaws are commonly referred to as "the Gentle Giants" due to their sweet dispositions. They are highly responsive to training, and must be given adequate attention and bonding time due to their social natures.

Green Wing Macaws are primarily a brilliant, bright red color. Their wings are trimmed in bands of green and blue, and their legs and feet are a deep gray. Their beaks are horn colored with a black lower mandible, and they exhibit the classic bare macaw eye patches on their faces.

In the wild, Green Wings live in flocks of 6 to 8 birds, and are very social. Because of their social nature, they need owners that will spend plenty of time socializing with them. When you take a Green Wing Macaw into your home, you must become its flock!


Lifespan about 50+ years. However, there have been reports of Green Wing Macaws living well into their 80's.