Blue Front Amazon

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The Blue-fronted Amazon is one of the most common companion parrots, however, it is endangered in its natural habitat.  A wide range of color combinations have been produced. Some birds have no blue head feathers whatsoever; others have turquoise blue on their forehead or even the whole front of the bird (face, neck and chest) is blue.  Most have yellow somewhere on their head or face; some have blue, a little white and then yellow as head markings.

The Blue-Front Amazon can be quite independent and is one of the easier-going Amazons. It will normally consider the entire family to be part of its flock and behave accordingly, however, it can become quite attached to one person and, if it is not socialized well, can be quite protective of their human counterparts. It is important to socialize this parrot starting at a young age.  The Blue-Front gets along quite well with other birds. It is usually non-aggressive although the males might get a little territorial during breeding season or molting.

Size ~ 15 inches long

Lifespan ~ 50 years