Blue and Gold Macaws typically have a green forehead, fading into blue which covers the nape, back, tail, and wings. The chest and underside of the wings and belly are a bright golden yellow. They have large black beaks, and white patches of skin around their eyes and face. These patches are adorned with rings of tiny black feathers and turn pink when excited (appears as if they are blushing).

Blue and gold macaws are social, easy-going birds that are affectionate and tolerant creatures. They are active birds, and they love to climb, swing, bounce, and chew.  Their sociability and even temperaments make them great pets, and their intelligence, willingness to learn, and talking ability only help make them more precious in the eyes bird lovers. The Blue and Gold, like most parrots, thrives on attention from it's owner and will form a strong bond with its family members.  Macaws are rowdy, funny and affectionate clowns that will give you all the love and loyalty you will ever need from a companion — as long as you understand that no matter what, they are still macaws.

They are large birds, approximately 33 inches from head to tail.

Lifespan~ 60-70+ years