Large Java Wood Tree Boxed AE250L


$ 447.99 

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Java Wood stand features: Exterior Dimensions 40"x24"x61"

  • A base of 4ft x 2.7ft and height of 5.5 ft.
  • A natural designed bird perch with expert craftsmanship.
  • One-of-a-kind Java Wood pieces.
  • A very wide area for your birds to hop around, climb, stretch their wings, and exercise.
  • Two feeder cups.
  • The stand's base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan.
  • This tree is suitable for all birds from Caiques to Macaws.

Learn about Java Tree Wood:

The Java Tree is a natural tree perch made from a single coffee tree of 25 to 35 years of age when the tree becomes non-productive. Each tree is handpicked, as less than one percent of the coffee trees suitable. These trees then go through a series of painstaking process and handcrafting to create the perfect bird perch!

Note: Each tree is unique. Because of this, the shape and size may vary, resulting in your order not looking exactly like the image shown here.